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Save money on your heating and cooling costs with new windows

Xterior has decades of experience installing replacement windows. Our in-home consultants will help you determine the style and brand that will fit both your needs and your budget. Before we order your windows, our installation teams will get exact measurements to insure proper sizes. We inspect the wood around the frame and trim for signs of rot. All window trimming is covered with vinyl to help protect from the weather.

Window Features:

  • Use Less Energy
  • Dual Pane Comfort E Glass
  • Argon Gas Filled
  • Tilt-in Sash for easy cleaning
  • Quality Construction: Fusion-welded frame and sash profiles resist air and water infiltration
  • Energy-Efficiency: Standard ProSolar soft coat Low E glass with argon gas filled helps provide excellent energy performance
  • Easy Access: Flush-mount tilt latches are recessed and release the tilt-in sash for easy cleaning (Double Hung only)

Window Features:

  • Multiple-Chambered Profiles: Sealed air chambers inside the multiple-chambered profiles increase insulation
  • Water Repellent: The stepped sill drives water down away from your home
  • Intercept Spacer: The Intercept spacer system offers a U-channel design that keeps glass warmer and flexes and contracts for reduced seal failure
  • Effective Weather Barrier: The overlapping and interlocking meeting rail forms a tight seal where the sash meet.
  • Argon/Low-e Short Explanation

Save On Heating and Cooling
Replacing your current windows with new, double-pane, energy-efficient windows can help you to see a decrease in your monthly energy bills, and increase in your homes value, and beauty. Energy efficient windows will pay for themselves over time in regular energy savings.

Did you know?

A 1/16th inch gap in a standard size window will allow as much air to enter your home as a missing brick in your wall.

25% Of heat loss is caused by radiation through window panes. Radiation causes your furnace and air conditioner to work overtime.

How many of your windows have air leaking through them?

Heat moves to the coldest area where you lose half of every dollar you spend.

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